Oxford College Summer School


At this summer boarding school in Oxford, young students from all over the world can spend their summer learning, making new friendships and having fun in one of the most prestigious towns in the world. Students aged 15 to 17 have a solid chance to develop their knowledge in a number of topics that might be of particular interest to their future education. Courses include medicine, law, international relations, and business studies. International students can also benefit from specially designed courses to help them with various exams and tests as they prepare for their university applications.

The school has broader programs for students aged 8 to 17. But it is not all hard work in Oxford College Summer School. The kids get to enjoy an exciting social and cultural programme with daily activities. From football, to punting on the river or performing in a theatre, students have a wide range of choices to enjoy.

Last year, Oxford College Summer School hosted students from more than 100 countries who had a chance to learn English and experience life in one of the world’s most famous university towns.

All students stay on-site at safe and secure campuses.


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