Shine Bright Like a Diamond


The New York based brand, Samer Halimeh, opened a £10 million store in glitzy Knightsbridge, back in May. The store is now considered among the hottest jewellery shops in London.

Samer Halimeh, who was born in Beirut, created a brand that is cherished by celebrities and the world’s super rich.

The new shop in London displays jewellery including necklaces, rings and diamonds worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

According to the Evening Standard, the most expensive piece in the Knightsbridge shop is an emerald cut “Vivo Per Lei” diamond ring worth up to £20 million. If the price tag gets you wondering, it maybe helpful to know that the stone weighs 65 carats. As for the name “Vivo Per Lei”, it translates to “I live for her”; a perfectly suitable phrase to describe the lucky lady who will end up wearing the ring.



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